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John 3:16

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Aspecial day of prayer was organized by ACCC USA. On Sunday July the 22d, 2012, close to 200 brothers and sisters have responded to the unspeakable acts of atrocities being committed in the Democratic republic of Congo. Since 1996, at least 6 000 000 people and counting, have lost their lives as the direct result of the most cruel, barbaric and unforgotten conflict of the 21st century.

The African Christian Community Church of Southern California, ACCC-SC has a firm believe that, through prayers, Congo will one day be free from all these man made disasters being inflicted on people.

As we are witnessing tears on our brothers and sisters fall plenty, this opportunity was, once again used to raise awareness and to engage each and every Congolese from all creed not to sit idle; instead, to stand up and do what is right for the country so that we may hold the hand of freedom. Quoting Angie Fenimore: Out of the most tragic circumstances springs human grow!.

Let keep this blessing country, and all those who have died or affected one way or another by this tragedy in our thoughts and prayers. May God in his infinite grace and mighty, pour in his love, mending broken heart. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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