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John 3:16

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Objectives and Needs

drc01sAfrican Christian Community Church is motivated by its passion to participate in helping fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ as described in Matthew 28:18-20. We are always delighted to see tired and afflicted lives restored, new lives coming to know Christ in a personal way, and people growing in the knowledge of God and in loving Him more and more, while loving others as themselves. We enjoy seeing the Spirit of God in action. To reach that goal we have set up a few objectives:

sun01 In Short terms, here are some actions we are focusing on ...

1. Develop its outreach program to the community to establish many cell groups that will be attached to ACCCSC.
2. Through an outreach program, develop its Sunday celebration service, aiming at a growth of 400 people in attendance.
3. Create a day care and tutorial programs for children coming from needy communities, in the areas of science and other subjects.
4. Create an after school program for working parents.
5. Create a program to train African Children and Youth in their appropriate cultural values. 
6. To develop this mother church in the Los Angeles area, so as to be a sort of Center for training and sending workers in Southern California, and the rest of the world.
7. To plant churches among French speakers in Southern California, French speaking countries of Africa and other parts of the world, while creating viable cells groups in the regions mentioned above.

1. Facility of our own that will respond to the needs mentioned above.
2. Challenge as many people to participate in these different projects, to raise needed funds, and collect goods for the need.

To develop a ministry that is culturally relevant to some communities of Southern California and overseas, while using existing technologies, talents and gifts already present in the church.  You may surf our website: www.jean316.org

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