About ACCC Southern California

Who We Are:
African Christian Community Church of Southern California is a Christian Church serving the greater Los Angeles (LA) County, the African Community in general, and the Congolese Community in particular for over 21 years. ACCCSC was born out of the idea of providing a helping hand to incoming immigrants from Africa as they look to establish their footing in the vast and diverse America’s culture and landscape.

Our Mission:
Beyond fulfilling our traditional mission of sharing Jesus Christ’s message of love and salvation to needy communities of Southern California, our organization is deeply engaged in social programs to better connect with the community we serve as we strive to apply love for one another. Love indeed is caring in action.

The following are the 3 main areas we focus on:
(a). Working with arriving immigrants to provide them with Career Orientation, and/or temporary shelter
(b). Educating children and youth to develop their potential so they may become leaders of our communities.
(c). Helping single-mothers and widows in need with small financial assistance in term of loans or grants as means permit.

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