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BendeleBendele Intro

What is Bendele:

An ACCC Project with aim to buy our own building

Creation Date:

Bendele was created in September 2016

Where are we situated financially:

at its creation in September, we were at $25 but to today (September 2031) we have more than $120,000 in our account

How it is run: 3 mains things govern the well functioning of the project


– A team of volunteer under the label of BTF for Bendele Task Force. This is the group leads the project

B. Separate Bank Account

– A separate Bank Account: To avoid mistakes of the past, a new account was created specifically for holding the money for the project, there have never been any withdraw since its inception, only deposits

C. Web Presence

– A Web presence for donations. From this page, not only that people can make donations but also can view the progress the project is making. The page is located at Bendele Project


– Follow this Bendele Project link and you will be taken to a specially page for the project


The passion for technology for the Gospel of Christ...

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